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Descendants of Nicolas & Marguerite Patenostre
Some Patenaude Family Members of Note

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Rev. Gerard Patenaude, Author of "The Patenaude...Story"

Rev. Gerard Patenaude's letter


Louis (Lucien) Pattenaude


Jules Patenotre, the French Ambassador to Washington (1890-1898)
Esiof-Leon Patenaude, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Quebec from 1934 to 1939.
Jehane Patenaude Benoit, food consultant, author, TV personality, born in Montreal. Mar 21, 1904-Nov 24, 1987.

J. Z. Leon Patenaude, Editor, Montreal and Longueuil, Quebec

J. Z. Leon Patenaude

Richard L. Pattenaude, president of the University of Southern Maine

Richard L. Pattenaude

Raymond A. Patenaude, Patenaude & Felix, A Professional Law Corporation,

Rene Patenaude, 22 Sep 1925-18 Feb 1966, MAGOG (Quebec), industrialist, president & founder of Federal Packing, now Olympel. On 21 April, 1999, the
city council of the City of Magog named a street after him. He had also received the diocesan Order of Merit.


This list will never be complete, but we hope to make it as complete as possible. Feel free to suggest additions to it.